20 works by 15 artists will be introduced as the new standard pattern of HERALBONY. We hope you will enjoy the unique and different works by each of the 15 artists.

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Takashi Anzai

Yukihito Okabe

Moriya Kishaba

            Midori Kudo        

            Satoru Kobayashi         

Sanae Sasaki


Fumie Shimaoka

Koichi Tsuchiya

            Miyuki Higo        

            Yuh Mitani        

            Minami Takahashi        

            Sachiko Miyazawa        

            Kiyoshi Yaegashi        

Michiyo Yaegashi

Takashi Anzai

unico (Fukushima)
In his daily activities, Anzai likes to drive, take walks, and be around people, but he especially likes to draw.He is sensitive to information and is very concerned about his future schedule. He has always been close to others, but his new lifestyle has forced him to distance himself from others, and he is showing a new side of himself that enjoys his own world.


The infantile colors met not on a palette, but on drawing paper.The playful streaks of paint are as innocent as the footprints of a child running around and playing.The artist, who is fond of events, drew this gentle picture with a sense of anticipation for Children's Day, tickling the hearts of children.

岡部 志士

Yukihito Okabe

Garden of Hope(Mie)
Born in 1994. Autistic.He creates a surface by applying crayon, then scrape it off with a needle to remove the color, and collect the crayon shavings, which he plays with like clay to create a work of art.Recently, he has been expanding the range of his creation methods, such as using a needle to scrape off the surface of a board or canvas that has been colored with crayons and poster colors. In fact, the mass of shavings he collects (which he calls "koroichi") is his true work, and the resulting paintings are just shavings that he has no interest in.