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The Art Coaster Gift Set is now available.
If you want to give a gift to someone special, how about an art product with a story that you would like to tell to someone else?
This is the perfect gift for couples and families. These beautiful works of art will add color to your daily life.

■ Product Details

This item is a set of two art coasters.

This product is a set of two art coasters, suitable as a gift for mid-year gifts, year-end gifts, gifts for family celebrations, and returns.


< strong data-mce-fragment="1">Michiyo Yaegashi

Michiyo Yaegashi

Michiyo Yaegashi uses brush markers to create intricate paintings full of dynamic shapes and colors. He has loved coloring since he was a child, but he first started drawing his own pictures when he was 19. Since then, he has been creating works with vivid colors and elaborate compositions one after another, as if he had burst out of a dam.

Sanae Sasaki

Sanae Sasaki

Sanae Sasaki has been working not only in painting, but also in weaving, paper cutting, embroidery, and other forms of expression, all of which are dense and rich in color and composition. She is currently working on a mail-order catalog, slowly filling in each page one by one with the mysterious writing of a ballpoint pen. She usually works intensively on one job for a few months to a few years, and then abruptly stops and moves on to another.


Kudo Midori

Sometimes he's fluffy and dreamy, smiling and talking to anyone around him. At other times, he is alone, deep in his own inner world. Kudo's gaze wanders after something that is reflected only in her mind. Is it a happy image that fills her mind? Or is it to avoid reflecting pain and sorrow in her mind? Or is it to keep pain and sorrow from reflecting in our minds?

Minami Takahashi

At first glance, the works created by applying coupe pencils and crayons are reminiscent of an intense production attitude that requires quick pencil movements.
But in fact, her work is very slow and gentle.
But in fact, her work is very slow and gentle, and each color she draws appears on the screen, asserting its own beauty without intermingling with each other.

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