ART HANDKERCHIEF + FRAME | Kiyoshi Yaegashi"Untitled (house)"(yellow)

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「Why don't you decorate your "#home time" with ART HANDKERCHIEF?

We will send you one of your favorite patterns from ART HANDKERCHIEF in a picture frame. Just by changing the handkerchief inside, you can easily change your mind.

Product Info


 ※The frame is available in two colors: Gold and Silver.

ART HANDKERCHIEF  Material:100% Cotton

■How to Decorate a Picture Frame

  • There is a clasp on the back side, so please prepare your own hooks or nails to hang it up.


Kiyoshi Yaegashi「(Untitled)(House)」


Kiyoshi Yaegashi

At first glance, it might look like a drawing of some abstract geometrical pattern; you will be surprised to find that, this, in fact, portrays a building that Yaegashi himself came up with. He established this artform on his own in early years of his childhood and since then, for nearly half a century, he has been creating solely in this artform and the number of art pieces he has created most likely amounts to several thousands today.

■For Gift|ギフト

Each of HERALBONY's art products has its own story.
Why don't you give these products as a gift to your loved ones with your own personal feelings? It will be wrapped in wrapping paper with the HERALBONY logo.

About Gift Wrapping

  • A wrapping fee of 220 yen (tax included) will be charged.
  • If the number of items purchased is different from the number of wrapping items, please indicate in the remarks column which items you would like wrapped.
  • When you add wrapping, gift wrapping will be added to all items you purchase.
  • Depending on the contents of your order, we may not be able to fulfill your gift wrapping request due to the size or quantity of the product. If gift wrapping is not available, we will contact you.
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