Keisuke Mori"Soul"(2020) | ORIGINAL DRAWING

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When trying to create strong contrast, light and dark areas can appear to be different worlds. The painter struggles to show that they are separate phenomena from the same light source, that is, to make the space appear unified. Mori is a master of dynamically manipulating lightness while maintaining a sense of unity, and this is a particularly good work in which the same gray is placed in both light and dark areas, increasing the dominance of color over the picture plane. The fine lines of what appears to be hair scattered across his face are loosely connected to the image of blood vessels and bones. We, the viewers, who can see through his blank eyes, fall into the feeling of being stripped naked.

Work details

Art materials|canvas, oil painting
size(Length x Width)|
※Delivery schedule :July, 2021
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Keisuke Mori

Born in 1989. Lives and works in Ise City, Mie Prefecture. Belongs to the "Garden of Hope" in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture.

At the age of twelve, he started working at the atelier "HUMAN. She started oil painting at the age of 17, and her works have been selected every year for the national and Mie Prefectural exhibitions. He has held solo exhibitions in Aichi, Gifu and Mie. He has participated in many group exhibitions in Japan and abroad, including in Germany, France, Spain, China, and Vietnam. His current color composition, which is marked by light and dark, was inspired by the advice of Mr. Murabayashi, the president of the "Garden of Hope". His hobbies include playing video games and reading books.

ーAwards Recordー

2015 “Art Karlsruhe, Germany 2015” Exhibit
“Paris Art Fair2015(France)”  Exhibit
2020 “The 3rd Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS 2020” Entering a prize
“The 1st Art Para Fukagawa Public Exhibition” Excellence Award

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