Midori Kudo"(Untitled)"(Blue) | Card Case

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  • Material:Cow leather
  • Size:  W10cm×H9cm×D3cm


Miyuki Higo「Circle」


Miyuki Higo

Atelier Yoo!Hoo! (Kyoto, Japan)
She is the big sister of Atelier Yoohoo! She uses colored pencils, watercolors, and embroidery thread to create her works freely according to her mood. The creatures and plants that appear in her works range from the cute to the mysterious that even the artist herself does not understand. Each work is a colorful world that oozes kindness.



"irose" is a brand of small leather goods established by two designers, Gen Takahashi and Dai Takahashi. The word "irose" means "brother" in ancient Japanese, and is believed to be the origin of the word "color". The appeal of the brand is its high quality leather and made in Japan designs that show attention to detail. The brand features unique designs that evoke architecture or origami with their three-dimensional structures, using Japanese craftsmanship techniques such as folding and assembling a single piece of leather without sewing, and carefully hand-wrinkling high-quality pigskin one by one.

irose Website | https://irose.jp/

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