Midori Kudo"(Untitled)"(Blue) | Card Case

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Midori Kudo

Sometimes she is dreamily smiling and talking to someone around me. At other times, she is alone, deep in her own inner world. Kudo's gaze wanders after something that is reflected only in her mind. Is it a happy image that fills her mind? Or is it to keep the pain and sorrow out of her mind? Or is it to keep pain and sorrow out of her mind?
There is an endlessness to Kudo's work that seems to come from meditation. I wonder if she is aware that she is creating something now. When she paints, when she sews, or when she is doing "something" that we don't understand, there is a strange atmosphere in her work that makes us suddenly feel such questions.

Material: Cow Leather




irose is a brand of small leather goods founded by two designers, Gen and Dai Takahashi. The word "irose" is an ancient word meaning "brother" and is believed to be the origin of the word "colour". Their products are made in Japan with high quality leather and attention to detail. The design is unique, with a three-dimensional structure reminiscent of architecture or origami, using Japanese craftsmanship such as folding and assembling a single piece of leather without sewing, or carefully hand-crinkling high-quality pigskin one by one.

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