Minami Takahashi"Wind Rondo"| Card Case

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Takahashi Minami

At first glance, the work, which is made up of layers of coupe pencils and crayons, evokes a fierce working attitude that requires rapid pencil movements.
But in fact, her work is very slow and gentle. Each colour she paints does not mix with each other, but appears on the canvas with its own beauty, a strange combination of intensity and tranquillity that is hard not to be drawn to.

Material: Cow Leather

Size: W10cm×H7cm×D3cm



irose is a brand of small leather goods founded by two designers, Gen and Dai Takahashi. The word "irose" is an ancient word meaning "brother" and is believed to be the origin of the word "colour". Their products are made in Japan with high quality leather and attention to detail. The design is unique, with a three-dimensional structure reminiscent of architecture or origami, using Japanese craftsmanship such as folding and assembling a single piece of leather without sewing, or carefully hand-crinkling high-quality pigskin one by one.

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