Sanae Sasaki"(Untitled)"(02) | Card Case

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Sanae Sasaki

Not only paintings, but also woven kirigami embroidery, etc., have been made with various expressions that are detailed and rich in color and composition.て来た。
And what she is currently working on is to gradually fill the mail-order catalog page by page with mysterious writing with a ballpoint pen.こと。
She usually concentrates on one job for months or years and then suddenly quits and moves on to another.常。

Material cowhide革 

Size W10cmH7cmD3cm3cm



irose Irose is a brand of small leather goods founded by the brothers of designer Gen Takahashi. The word irose is an ancient word that is said to be the origin of the brothers' intentions. Made in Japan design that shows fine leather and attention to detail. The charm is that one piece of leather is folded and assembled without sewing, and high-quality pigskin is carefully hand-wrinkled one by one. It features a unique design that causes origami.ないデザインが特長です。

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