[GIFT] Cava? 5 cans SET

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【GIFT】Cava?缶 5缶 SET

「HERALBONY」×「Cava?缶」Collabotration Packcage
Not only can they be eaten right away, but they can also be used as interior decoration as preserved food. These artistic sava cans will add color to your home where you spend your days.
The works of art by various artists will make your life more colorful.

■Product details

・This is a gift item suitable for mid-year gifts, year-end gifts, gifts for private celebrations, and returns.

We also offer a noshi paper service for mid-year gifts.

Kiyoshi Yaegashi "Untitled(house)"(Yellow): olive oil
Kiyoshi Yaegashi "Untitled"(Car):Lemon basil
Michiyo Yaegashi "word processor": Paprika chili
Sanae Sasaki "Untitled"(Black02): Black Pepper
Midori Kudo "Untitled"(Blue): aquapazza

■Ça va? 缶

Cava Can is a canned domestic mackerel product that was created in 2013 with the aim of supporting the recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. The product name "Ca va?" means "How are you? which means "How are you?" in French, and was named with the meaning of "Cheer up from Iwate! The name "Ca va? As of the end of February 2021, the total number of cans produced exceeded 10 million, making it a very popular product.

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