Sanae Sasaki「(Untitled)」
Sanae Sasaki「(Untitled)」
Sanae Sasaki「(Untitled)」

Sanae Sasaki「(Untitled)」

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Sanae Sasaki

Aside from paintings, Sasaki’s creative mediums range from textiles, paper cutting crafts to embroidery, each involving intricate details and expressions of ingenious colors and compositions. When working on a project, she usually does several months to years of intensive work, and then suddenly stops and moves on to a new work. As of now, in the year 2019, she has been working on coloring round cutouts in concentric circles and placing them on the wall.

Coasters made from eggshells
Sustainable coasters made from recycled eggshells from mayonnaise factories.
The collaboration of the traditional Minoyaki method and the various characteristics of eggshells has resulted in a coaster with excellent water supply.

●Care instructions
Basic care is to wash in cold water.
When necessary, use a neutral detergent, melanin sponge or baking soda.

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