Keisuke Mori"Love is Red"(2018) | ORIGINAL DRAWING

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「Seaside Jungle」

In the darkness, animals and insect-like creatures were crowded together in a huddle.The gray tones created by the painted black, the white as the ground color of the paper, and the tightly woven line drawing. The deceptive spirits of mountains and rivers are further accentuated by the clear composition of only these three colors, which are intelligently controlled.
The difference in the scale of each creature is astonishing. The landscapes depicted are certainly stereotypical of the jungle, but they also show the artist's imagination, which runs the gamut from large creatures to insects.

Details of art work

・Size(H×W)|767×1087 mm
・Paper, water-based pigment pen
※Shipping time: To be shipped sequentially from late September after the end of the exhibition.
※Please note that the cost of shipping the original is payable on delivery.
※The frames will be returned to the facility, so they will be delivered unframed.

Shunichi Iwase

Born in 1973. Lives and works in Shiga Prefecture. Belongs to Yamanami Kobo in the same prefecture.

Since 2008, he has been a member of Yamanami Kobo in the same prefecture. When he decides on a motif, whether it is a person or an animal, he slowly draws it on the entire surface of the paper without leaving any blank space, using his own unique perspective. His introverted and serious personality is reflected in his work, and each line he draws is very careful and delicate, as if it were a fine thread intertwined. In his daily life, he rarely speaks, and even when asked for his opinion, he only says a few words in a faint voice with a blush on his face. He is another artist who has found a way to express himself through his work, and his worldview will continue to expand.

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