Midori Kudo"(Untitled)"(Blue) | Art Eco Bag

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Body 40cm70cm Handle 60cmcm




100% polyester%

Care instructions

It is possible to wash in the washing machine by putting it in the net.。



Midori Kudo untitled blue題)(青)」


Midori Kudo

Sometimes she talks to someone around her with a smile as if she's drifting away in a dream Other times she's deeply conscious of her own inner world Kudo's gaze wanders chasing after something reflected only in her heart.てたゆたう。 Is it a happy image that fills your heart, or is it to keep the pain and sorrow from reflecting in your mind?とも。

Kudo's work has an endlessness that seems to be born from meditation.I wonder if she is aware that she is creating something now. Her works have a mysterious air that makes you feel制作には漂っている。

■How to useRecommended usageい方

It can be folded into a small size for small shopping and can be easily carried. It is also an eco bag that can be used as a main bag.It is also perfect for simple coordination.ったりです。

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Full of stories one by one、HERALBONY art products。
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