Michiyo Yaegashi"Origami"| Art Folding Fan
Michiyo Yaegashi"Origami"| Art Folding Fan

Michiyo Yaegashi"Origami"| Art Folding Fan

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Yaegashi Michiyo

Use brush markers to create a detailed screen full of dynamic shapes and colors. I've loved coloring books since I was little, but the first time I started drawing my own19At the age of。 Since then, he has produced one after another works consisting of vivid colors and delicate composition as if he had cut a weir.

●Fabric:(Folded paper crane recycled pulp30 Milk carton recycled pulp70%|(Thinned wood材
●Size: Size:
(Fully open length33cm /Fan diameter22cm /When stored24 cm
●Made in Japan
Remarks 1st photo = surface /2nd photo = Back side




A fan brand designed using recycled paper from folded paper cranes given to Hiroshima「FANO(It is full of feelings for peace that will be passed down through collaboration with Fano and across cultures.
The number of thoughtful thousand paper cranes delivered from Japan and all over the world is annual1Weigh 10 million birdsてTenTons。
It is an effort to digest the feelings for peace contained in the paper cranes started by the Hiroshima initiative.「FANO」Origami cranes reborn as will deliver the wind of peace to the world.

FANOwebsite: http://fano.jp/