Satoru Kobayashi&
Satoru Kobayashi&
Satoru Kobayashi&
Satoru Kobayashi&
Satoru Kobayashi&

Satoru Kobayashi's first art book"The Land of Smiles"

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Kobayashi Awakening

My favorite musician is Billy Joel Queen Yosui Inoue SpitzTHE BOOM。And I love walking。 Kobayashi began to write all the letters in his diary and composition while he was in the middle school of a special school.た。 At first, the school teacher struggled to find a way to fix it, but eventually he switched to seeing this as an attractive sculptural expression. With this as a turning point, his expression began to fly as an art that gives joy to many people.

Satoru Kobayashi's first art book is on sale in limited quantities.

Commonly known as subtle letters that connect all letters and numbers and arrange them in a unique shape.
The Satoru character was born while attending the middle school of a special schoolた。
The teachers at that time also struggled to fix it, but eventually switched to seeing it as an attractive modeling expression. At the same time as graduating from high school in 2007, he entered the Runbinii Museum. Created
Scheduled for February 29, 2020, when the art drawn by Satoru Kobayashi is wrapping the train on the JR East Kamaishi Line.)

【Land of Smiles Satoru Kobayashi Art Book】
July 1, 2020 1st printing
Author Satoru Kobayashi
Editor Takuro Sato
Issuer Shunsuke Kobayashi
Printing and binding Typographic DI Co., Ltd.