Daichi Sakamoto"Jagged"
Daichi Sakamoto"Jagged"
Daichi Sakamoto"Jagged"
Daichi Sakamoto"Jagged"
Daichi Sakamoto"Jagged"

Daichi Sakamoto"Jagged"

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Sakamoto Daichi

After graduating from Ibaraki Prefectural Miho Special Needs School、2016Participating in a natural life club in the year In the creative Dengaku dance, who has a gentle personality, humor, and takes responsibility for any work舞では2019Participating in the Hong Kong performance of the year With a free and laid-back sensibility, in paintings such as drumming, dancing and singing, the movement of sliding the brush is emphasized and the shape that gives the impression of being fused with dance is focused on many times. A clay figurine drawn by tracingって描き上げた「土偶」(2019)Was well received and was exhibited in the waiting room of the mayor's office of the city hall.れた。

Reversible art mask
Made in Japan
Due to our commitment to high quality and functionality, Toyobo's antiviral processing material Viablock is inside the art mask.ック®︎In addition, we adopted a sustainable material called micromodal, which is a fiber made from wood, for the fabric. The printing method related to the reproducibility of art is an inkjet print that can faithfully reproduce its vividness. It has high durability and strength of washing and can be used repeatedly. It can be used reversibly.シブルでの使用ができ、TPOYou can use it according to。

Antiviral processing material Viablock®︎ ---
Toyobo's antiviral processing material Viablock inside the mask®︎use。
Via block®︎Has three characteristics。
① Antiviral function...Can adsorb harmful substances such as viruses and suppress their growthす。
② Deodorant functionCan absorb substances that cause bad odors such as ammonia and amines。
③ SafetySEKToxicity test required to obtain antiviral processing mark Mutagenicity test Skin irritation test Skin sensitization test clearedしています。

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