Koichi Tsuchiya"Untitled (leaf)"
Koichi Tsuchiya"Untitled (leaf)"
Koichi Tsuchiya"Untitled (leaf)"
Koichi Tsuchiya"Untitled (leaf)"

Koichi Tsuchiya"Untitled (leaf)"

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Koichi Tsuchiya

Tsuchiya's representative works are roughly divided into a group of works with a shape like a dumpling stuck in a skewer entitled "Happa" and a group of works entitled "Hana" in which the entire screen is painted in multiple colors. In recent years, there are many enthusiasts, such as the bran and beauty of newly built houses, because both of them have bright colors or common, and there are many enthusiasts, coupled with the gentle image of plants. The walls of the rooms and children's facilities have also been drawn and have been well received.美容室や児童施設の壁面も作画し、好評を得ている。

Reversible art mask
Made in Japan
Due to our commitment to high quality and functionality, Toyobo's antiviral processing material Viablock is inside the art mask.ック®︎In addition, we adopted a sustainable material called micromodal, which is a fiber made from wood, for the fabric. The printing method related to the reproducibility of art is an inkjet print that can faithfully reproduce its vividness. It has high durability and strength of washing and can be used repeatedly. It can be used reversibly.シブルでの使用ができ、TPOYou can use it according to。

Antiviral processing material Viablock®︎ ---
Toyobo's antiviral processing material Viablock inside the mask®︎use。
Via block®︎Has three characteristics。
① Antiviral function...Can adsorb harmful substances such as viruses and suppress their growthす。
② Deodorant functionCan absorb substances that cause bad odors such as ammonia and amines。
③ SafetySEKToxicity test required to obtain antiviral processing mark Mutagenicity test Skin irritation test Skin sensitization test clearedしています。

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