Koichi Tsuchiya"Untitled (leaf)"
Koichi Tsuchiya"Untitled (leaf)"

Koichi Tsuchiya"Untitled (leaf)"

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Koichi Tsuchiya

Tsuchiya's representative works are roughly divided into a group of works with a shape like a dumpling stuck in a skewer entitled "Happa" and a group of works entitled "Hana" in which the entire screen is painted in multiple colors. In recent years, there are many enthusiasts, such as bran, beauty salons, and children in newly built houses, because both of them share vivid colors and have a gentle image of plants. The walls of the facility have also been drawn and have been well received.や児童施設の壁面も作画し、好評を得ている。

●Fabric:(Folded paper crane recycled pulpプ30 Milk carton recycled pulp70%|(Thinned wood材
●Size: Size:
(Fully open lengthさ33cm /Fan diameter22cm /When stored24 cm
●Made in Japan
Remarks 1st photo目 = surface /2nd photo = Back side




A fan brand designed using recycled paper from folded paper cranes given to Hiroshima「FANO(It is full of feelings for peace that will be passed down through collaboration with Fano and across cultures.ています。
The number of thoughtful thousand paper cranes delivered from Japan and all over the world is annual間1Weigh 10 million birdsてTenTons。
It is an effort to digest the feelings for peace contained in the paper cranes started by the Hiroshima initiative.す。「FANO」Origami cranes reborn as will deliver the wind of peace to the worldす。

FANOwebsite: http://fano.jp/