Minami Takahashi"Rondo of the Wind"

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  • Material:100% Cotton
  • Size:53cm×53cm


Minami Takahashi「Rondo of the Wind」


Minami Takahashi

At first glance, the works created by applying layers of coupe pencils and crayons are reminiscent of an intense production attitude that requires quick pencil movements.
But in fact, her work is very slow and gentle. Each color she draws does not mix with each other, but appears on the screen while asserting its own beauty, creating a mysterious coexistence of intensity and serenity that is hard not to be drawn to.

■How to use?|オススメの使い方

It can be used not only as a handkerchief, but also as a point of interest by wrapping it around your neck or bag. It is also recommended as an interior decoration to add color to your daily life.

■For Gift|ギフト

Each of HERALBONY's art products has its own story.
Why don't you give these products as a gift to your loved ones with your own personal feelings? It will be wrapped in wrapping paper with the HERALBONY logo.

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