Koichi Tsuchiya"Untitled (Leaf)"| Art Necktie

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  • Width of sword tip 7.5cm
  • total length 146cm


Koichi Tsuchiya Untitled Leaves葉っぱ)


Koichi Tsuchiya

Tsuchiya's representative works can be roughly divided into a group of works titled "Happa", which looks like a dumpling stuck in a skewer, and a group of works titled "Hana", in which the entire screen is painted in multiple colors. I sometimes take notes about specific objects and people such as bus service. The wall of the facility is also drawn and has been well receivedや児童施設の壁面も作画し、好評を得ている。

■Art Necktie QualityQualityィ

It is possible to provide the highest quality ties by partnering with a necktie brand that has a fine finish and politeness that is unique to MADE IN JAPAN.した。

In a general high-end necktie, approximately 200 threads can be woven into each 3.03 cm square, but HERALBONY ART NECKTIE has a density of 500,600 threads, realizing a power of expression that overwhelms the print.されています。

■How to useRecommended usageい方

「The finest art necktie will color you for both special occasions and everyday life. We also recommend coordinating with an art handkerchief.すすめです。

Also recommended for women。

■For GiftGiftト

HERALBONY's art products are full of stories one by oneト。

Would you like to put your own thoughts on such a product and give it to someone special as a gift?します。

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