Michiyo Yaegashi"Word Processor"| Art Necktie

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Michiyo Yaegashi

Using brush markers, it creates a detailed screen full of vibrant shapes and colors. I've loved coloring books since I was little, but I first started drawing"my own paintings"when I was 19 years old. Since then, he has produced one after another works consisting of vivid colors and delicate composition as if he had cut a weir.


A neat luster and personality created from the Yamagata workshop. The alliance with a tie brand that has the delicacy and politeness of the finish unique to MADE IN JAPAN has made it possible to provide the highest quality ties.

With a general high-class tie, it is possible to drive about 200 threads per inch (about 3.03 cm), but HERALBONY ART NECKTIE has a density of 500 to 600 threads, and the expressive power that overwhelms the print is realized. increase.

● Size

Sword tip width 7.5 cm

Overall length 146 cm