Sanae Sasaki"(Untitled)"| Art Necktie

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Sanae Sasaki

Not only paintings, but also weaving, kirigami, embroidery, etc. have all been expressed in various ways that are detailed and rich in color and composition. And what she is currently working on is to gradually fill the mail-order catalog page by page with the mysterious writing of a ballpoint pen. She usually concentrates on one job for months or years and then suddenly quits and moves on to another.


A neat luster and personality created from the Yamagata workshop. The alliance with a tie brand that has the delicacy and politeness of the finish unique to MADE IN JAPAN has made it possible to provide the highest quality ties.

With a general high-class tie, it is possible to drive about 200 threads per inch (about 3.03 cm), but HERALBONY ART NECKTIE has a density of 500 to 600 threads, and the expressive power that overwhelms the print is realized. increase.

● Size

Sword tip width 7.5 cm

Overall length 146 cm