Sanae Sasaki"(Untitled)"(Square) | Art Necktie

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  • Tip width 7.5cm
  • Total length 146cm


Sasaki Sanae「(Untitled)(Square)」


Sanae Sasaki

Aside from paintings, Sasaki’s creative mediums range from textiles, paper cutting crafts to embroidery, each involving intricate details and expressions of ingenious colors and compositions. When working on a project, she usually does several months to years of intensive work, and then suddenly stops and moves on to a new work. As of now, in the year 2019, she has been working on coloring round cutouts in concentric circles and placing them on the wall.

■Art Necktie Quality|クオリティ

Thanks to the collaboration with a tie brand which is well-renowned for the intricacy and fineness of its made-in-Japan products, we are able to offer high-quality ties.

On an average premium tie, about 200 threads are woven per Japanese inch (approx. 3.03cm). Taya made improvements to threads so that now the density is enhanced to 500-600 threads per Japanese inch, realizing the manifestation of expressions that overpower printed materials.

■How to use?|オススメの使い方

Whether it's for a special occasion or for everyday use, the finest art neckties will add color to your life. It is also recommended to coordinate it with an art handkerchief.

■For Gift|ギフト

Each of HERALBONY's art products is filled with a story.
Why don't you add your own personal touch to these products and give them as gifts to your loved ones?It will be wrapped in wrapping paper with the HERALBONY logo.

About Gift Wrapping

  • A wrapping fee of 220 yen (tax included) will be charged.
  • If the number of items purchased is different from the number of wrapping items, please indicate in the remarks column which items you would like wrapped.
  • When you add wrapping, gift wrapping will be added to all items you purchase.
  • Depending on the contents of your order, we may not be able to fulfill your gift wrapping request due to the size or quantity of the product. If gift wrapping is not available, we will contact you.
  • Examples of items that cannot be gift-wrapped are as follows

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