Keisuke Mori"Starman"(2016) | ORIGINAL DRAWING

Keisuke Mori"Starman"(2016) | ORIGINAL DRAWING

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"Free Love - Love Story-"

It can be said that this is the most "record jacket-like" work in terms of composition and the text drawn at the bottom of the screen. In this day and age, when people can buy music on streaming sites without having to buy a record, the very fact that the artist dared to draw a jacket seems significant. As the term "jacket-buying" implies, jackets are a symbol of memories and youth. This is an impressive work that not only allows us to feel Mori's personal feelings, but also allows us to remember our favorite jackets and enjoy overlaying them on the work.

Details of the work

Art Materials|Canvas, Oil Painting
Size (H x W)|1,620 x 1,303mm

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