Sanae Sasaki"(Untitled)"(Square) | Art Handkerchief

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  • Material 100% cotton%
  • Size 53cm 53cmcm


Sasaki Sanae Untitled Weapon題)(角)」


Sanae Sasaki

Not only the pictures but also the woven kirigami embroidery, etc. have been made various expressions that are elaborate and rich in color and composition. She usually concentrates on one job for months or years and then suddenly quits and moves on to another job.仕事に移るのが常。

■How to use Recommended usageい方

It can be used not only as a handkerchief but also as a point by wrapping it around your neck or bag. It is also recommended as a room interior that colors your daily life.です。

■For Gift Giftト

One by one, the story is packed、HERAL BONY art products。
For such a product、In addition, put your own feelings、Would you like to give a gift to your loved one?。We will deliver it by wrapping it in a wrapping paper with the HERAL BONY logo.。

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