Satoru Kobayashi"Hanyu no Yado"

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  • Material 100% cotton%
  • Size 53cm 53cmcm


Satoru Kobayashi Home! Sweet Home!宿」


Satoru Kobayashi

My favorite musician is Billy Joel Queen Yosui Inoue Spitz THE BOOM And Kobayashi loves walking. I struggled to find a way to fix it, but eventually I switched to seeing this as an attractive essay. With this as a turning point, his expression began to fly as an art that would bring joy to many people.ートとして羽ばたき始めた。


■How to use Recommended usageい方

It can be used not only as a handkerchief but also as a point by wrapping it around your neck or bag. It is also recommended as a room interior that colors your daily life.です。

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For such a product、Furthermore, put your own feelings、Would you like to give a gift to your loved one?。We will deliver it by wrapping it in a wrapping paper with the HERAL BONY logo.。

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