Takashi Anzai"Kabuto"| Art Handkerchief

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HERALBONY Art Handkerchief AWARD2021

The "ArtHandkerchief AWARD 2021" was held from June to July 15, 2020,
inviting entries of artworks to be used as art handkerchiefs to be released in January 2021, and this is one of three artworks selected from 536 entries from Japan and overseas.

Product Info

  • Material:100% Cotton
  • Size:53cm×53cm


Takashi Anzai 「Kabuto」


Takashi Anzai

He expresses himself by skillfully picking out the information they seek, such as pictures and words, from the magazines and newspaper inserts around them. He also expresses his emotions through facial expressions, gestures, unspoken tones of voice, and even drawing pictures. Events he is looking forward to, things he is not satisfied with. The daily weather, the changing of the seasons. The movement of Anzai's mind becomes color, and bold brushstrokes and strokes are delicately layered.

This work, titled "Kabuto," was inspired by a helmet decoration he found in an advertisement during the May Festival season. Anzai often uses colorful crayons to draw bold strokes of line across the entire picture plane, but in this work, he replaced the crayons with small "tampons". Blue, yellow, red, light blue, pink, and yellowish green. The colors are heterogeneously blended, and the work has a gravitational pull, as if something elusive, like the source of life, is rising from the bottom of the screen.

■How to use?|オススメの使い方

It can be used not only as a handkerchief, but also as a point of interest by wrapping it around your neck or bag. It is also recommended as an interior decoration to add color to your daily life.

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Each of HERALBONY's art products has its own story.
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