Midori Kudo“(Untitled)”(Blue)| ART UMBRELLA

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This parasol is made in Japan with HERALBONY's vivid art printed on the back satin. The handle is made of wood, and the HERALBONY logo is printed on the metal clasp that holds the dew point when the umbrella is closed. The umbrella has a standard 60cm main frame size that is easy to hold, and the UV protection coating on the fabric reduces around 90% of UV rays. 

Product Info

  • Size:  Thumb bone 60cm, total length 90cm, diameter 98cm
  • Material:  Polyester


Midori Kudo「(Untitled)(Blue)」


Midori Kudo

At times, she is smiling and talking to someone around her as if she is dreaming. At other times, she is alone, deep in her own inner world. Kudo's gaze wanders after something that is reflected only in her mind.  Is it a happy image that fills her mind? Or is it to avoid reflecting pain and sorrow in her mind? Or is it to keep pain and sorrow out of my mind?

Kudo's work has an endlessness to it, as if it were created through meditation. I wonder if she is aware that she is creating something right now. When she draws, when she sews, or when she is doing "something" that I don't understand. There is a mysterious air in her work that makes you suddenly feel such questions.



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