[Limited 3] by GAKU"Blue Yellow White Stripe"| TBS
[Limited 3] by GAKU"Blue Yellow White Stripe"| TBS
[Limited 3] by GAKU"Blue Yellow White Stripe"| TBS
[Limited 3] by GAKU"Blue Yellow White Stripe"| TBS

[Limited 3] by GAKU"Blue Yellow White Stripe"| TBS

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Born in 2001 and lives in Kawasaki.
Born as autism with intellectual disability and seeks treatment at the age of 4 and received treatment in Los Angeles, USA for 9 years after moving to the United States in 2015 Nobel High School operated by a welfare facility for I'm developmental disabilities started by his father in Kawasaki Has a unique and special view of the world that does not go through the language.
Even at the age of 19, he has communication skills similar to that of a second grader, but he demonstrates special abilities in areas beyond language. His work, which finds his own expressive power in a world of only the right brain excluding the left brain, is extremely intuitive and outside dimension. His intuitive and free expressiveness is a real obstacle to us as modern people who are emitting vibrations as if power is roasting from are exhausted by cramped common sense and the rule that the world should be like this.

Bag tarpaulin
Handle natural leather

width46 cmheight33cmEdge3.5cmhandle52cm

Please note that the pattern may differ from the actual product due to the cut part of the material, which may be partially soiled due to the upcycling of the tarpaulin material exhibited in.

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This tote bag、TBSsystemSDGsMake the project world smileるMUSEUM」Made from the art works exhibited at。
All profits from people with disabilities such as joint work places and group homes Nationwide about1880The place is a member's group 『Will be donated to today 
『Even if you have a disability todayWe are working to realize a lifestyle where people can work naturally