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Product information

Upcycling the art on the tarpaulin that colored various cities into a tote bagた。It is a special item that does not exist in the world where the design changes one by one at the cut partす。

This up-cycle tote bag is a limited edition tote bag with the mark of Tokyo Station Marunouchi station building.です。

material Bag tarpaulinン
Natural leather for the bottom of the handle皮革
size width46 cmheight33 cmMachi 7cm handle52cm     Weight 360g
Posting place TOKYO STATION

■Please be sure to check before purchasing

It will take some time for delivery to process the fabric after posting.す。 
Please see each product page for the approximate delivery date.い。

It may take longer than planned depending on the production and delivery status.ます。
Please note that each item is carefully remade.す。

Depending on the cut location、The actual pattern and color may differ from the image.。
It is a one-of-a-kind product that does not have the same color pattern. You cannot choose the pattern that actually arrives.せん。

Because the art work tarpaulin material exhibited at the upcycling museum is upcyclingため、There may be some dirt。
Please note that we will carefully wash and deliver it.せ。


Kohei Sato Dinosaur era代」


Kohei Sato

After graduating from Tsukuba Special Needs School, joined the Natural Life Club in 2013. He has been active as a hip-hop dancer with down syndrome who has been active as a hip-hop dancer with down syndrome since he was 6 years old and has been fond of exercising since he was a child. At first, he was reluctant to work on the drums and the powerful shouts had the power to pull around, but now he can freely run the pen on the big screen. Is increasing to draw characters that are a unique combination ofむことが増えている。



It is a social museum where a large printed art is posted on the tarpaulin on the wall of the station at the airport in the temporary enclosure of the construction site for a limited time.アムです。


The works displayed in the museum for a limited time、Reborn as a beautiful item、Color your hands。
The design changes depending on the cutting location、It is a special product that is unique in the world。