[Limited 3] Nozomi Fujita"Barber&
[Limited 3] Nozomi Fujita"Barber&
[Limited 3] Nozomi Fujita"Barber&

[Limited 3] Nozomi Fujita"Barber's Pole"| HERALBONY NAGOYA

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Nozomu Fujita

Born in Oita City in 2001。
Diagnosed with autism with severe intellectual disability at age 3.
Currently, the social welfare corporation Happiness Association goes to Yamabiko Square for long-term care.
He has a strong commitment to logo marks and letters, and since he was in elementary school, he has been drawing his favorite things almost every day.
The style of drawing is also unique and there is hyperactivity, so I always walk around, but when I suddenly think that I sat down, I draw in an unpredictable way.

Bag tarpaulin
Handle natural leather

width46 cmheight33cmMachi3.5cmhandle52cm

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