[Limited 6] XL"Hoi An Lantern Festival"| HERALBONY NAGOYA

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1967Born in Kyoto Prefecture Lives in Kyoto Prefecture After graduating from junior high school, he got a job at a plasterer職。推定15After years of withdrawal、2006From the yearNPOBelonging to corporate swing。2013When I accidentally participated in a workshop in the fall of the year, I suddenly woke up to the expression that I had been stubbornly refusing until then. Combined with the character, he is currently an undisputed earner在、文句なしの稼ぎ頭。

Bag tarpaulinン
Handle natural leather革

width46 cmheight33cmMachi3.5cmhandle52cm

The photo is an image. Please note that the pattern may differ from the actual product depending on the cut part of the material.さい。

& lt;Posting location& gt;
HERALBONY Hisaya-odori Park

& lt;Post period& gt;
2020Year11Until the end of the month

& lt;Wash sewing製& gt;
2020Year12Moon~1Monthly schedule

& lt;Delivery schedule& gt;
2021Year2During the month

& lt;Number of products that can be produced& gt;

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