Fumie Shimaoka"Space"| Art Wind Bell

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This art wind chime was created in collaboration with Nanbu Ironware Studio Oitomi. Enjoy the exquisite art swaying in the breeze and the pleasant sound that only ironware created by craftsmen in Iwate can produce.

※The strips are not waterproof or water-repellent. Please refrain from using them in the rain or in places where there is water.

Material  Iron, Paper
Size  Bell: 50mm in diameter x 30mm in height 

 Strips: vertical220mm×Horizontal45mm 

Weight  80g


Fumie Shimaoka「Universe」


Fumie Shimaoka

From an early age, she enjoyed working at a desk, concentrating on her hands and fingers, and enjoyed attending Montessori classes. Her skill at origami led her to a job at a hotel folding napkins and other linens, and she spent her spare time learning calligraphy, Lillian, and knitting. One day, she suddenly developed acute oedema, and was feared to be blind, but miraculously recovered, and after correcting her eyesight with contact therapy, she began to draw bold, detailed line drawings with a water-based pen that she had on hand.

The characteristic of her works is that she draws her favorite things and thoughts by steadily connecting tiny circles and cells with her unique sense of color. In the beginning, she drew in black and white, but gradually she began to have many colors, changing shapes, and the pieces multiplied, gradually establishing her current style.

Her motto, which she wrote on a piece of paper when she graduated from high school, is "Life is interesting because unexpected things happen. Currently, she spends her days at the work center, enjoying her creative activities at the table after having dinner with her family.

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