Let Out Your Exceptionality

Within the spectrum exists variants of personalities.

Rich sensitivities, intricate dexterity, bold ideas, r
efined attentiveness and more.

Not “typical”.
Which in turn, brings possibilities to life.

We aim to transcend borders by the names of prejudice
and common sense that divide this world.
By delivering diverse “exceptionalities”
to society in different mediums,
we aspire to create a new culture around welfare.

an art life brand from Iwate
that aims to create
a new culture with artists
from welfare institutions all over Japan.


Disability is not a deficiency, but can be a paintbrush.

Always watch the same programme at the same time every day.

Recite a few pleasant phrases over and over.
"Characteristics turn into paintbrushes" when their characteristics appear on the work, repeated in the life.

Enjoy the unique work
painted by artists with disabilities


「The word Art Brut」was invented by a French painter, Jean Debuffet (1901-1985)and describe works of art produced in contexts that are not related to existing art or cultural trends. Also translated as 'raw art', it is known in English as 'outsider art'.

It is an art form in which people without artistic training express themselves according to their own inner impulses, and many original works have been appreciated, including those by people with intellectual or mental disabilities and by psychics.

Japanese Art Brut work is highly regarded overseas, and exhibitions have been held at the Art Brut Collection (Lausanne, Switzerland), the world-renowned headquarters of Art Brut, and the Musée de l'Art St Pierre (Paris, France).


The brand's name, HERALBONY, /span>
is an unfamiliar word that Shota Matsuda, the older brother of both representatives,
7who has autism and intellectual disabilities, wrote in his free book when he was seven years old.

The word may not mean anything to the world,
but to my brother at the age of seven,
I think he wrote "heralbony" because it meant something to him.

The brand name "HERALBONY" means that
we want to take a seemingly meaningless idea
and create value for the world.
(DESIGNED BY Paper Parade Printing)


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The utmost respect for the artist.

The careful selection of materials and creations allows us to
the charm of the work is best demonstrated
We are committed to producing a quality product.

The highest quality art products
A colourful addition to your everyday life.


We challenge the common notion
that fashion is something to be consumed.

Who spins the yarn. Who weaves the fabric. Who sews clothes.
There are countless people involved in the making of every item of clothing.
That's why we want our products to be a part of people's lives
and to be loved for a long time, not something to be consumed and discarded after a fashion.

To wear or to look at in daily life
You feel that you are "wearing art", that you are attracted to it.
It's this kind of joy that leads to a timeless attachment to the


Scheduled to open in spring 2021