Let Out Your Exceptionality

Let Out Your Exceptionality

Let Out Your Exceptionality

Let Out Your Exceptionality

Let Out Your Exceptionality

Intellectual Disabilitied
Within the spectrum
exists variants of personalities.

Rich sensitivities, intricate dexterity, bold ideas,
refined attentiveness and more.

Not “typical”.
Which in turn, brings possibilities to life.

We aim to transcend borders
by the names of prejudice and common sense that divide this world.
By delivering diverse “exceptionalities”
to society in different mediums,
we aspire to create a new culture around welfare.

an art life brand from Iwate
that aims to create a new culture
with artists belonging to welfare facilities
throughout Japan.


Disability becomes a paintbrush, not a lack.

Always watch the same program at the same time every day.
Recite phrases of comforting words.
When their characteristics,
repeated in their lives, appear in the work,
"characteristics turn into paintbrushes".

Please enjoy the unique works
of artists with disabilities.


The term "Art Brut" was invented by the French painter Jean Debuffet (1901-1985) and refers to works of art created in a context unrelated to existing art or cultural trends. The term "outsider art" is also translated as "raw art.

It is an art form in which people without artistic training express themselves according to their own inner impulses, and many original works have been recognized, including works by people with mental disorders.

Japanese Art Brut works are also highly acclaimed overseas, with exhibitions held at the Art Brut Collection (Lausanne, Switzerland), the world-renowned headquarters of Art Brut, and the Musee de l'Art Saint-Pierre (Paris, France).


The brand name "HERALBONY" is
an unfamiliar word that Shota Matsuda,

the older brother of the two representatives who are both autistic,
wrote in his free book when he was seven years old.

The word may not have any meaning to the world,
but to his brother at the age of seven,
I think he wrote the word "HERALBONY"
because there was something that stuck in his mind.

The brand name "HERALBONY" has the meaning that
we want to create value in the world
by planning thoughts
that may seem meaningless at first glance.
(DESIGNED BY Paper Parade Printing)


Art products that add color to fashion and lifestyle.
It is also recommended as a gift for someone special.


The utmost respect for the artist.

By carefully selecting and examining materials and creations,
we are dedicated to creating high-quality products
that best demonstrate the appeal of our work.

The highest quality art products
will color your daily life.